On 10 July 2014, CINECITTÀ WORLD was inaugurated in Castel Romano (Rome), the first theme park in Italy dedicated entirely to the world of cinema, designed by Dante Ferretti, the great set designer and three-time Oscar winner.

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Betonella® took part in the realisation of this great work by supplying the paving made of self-locking blocks: 42,000 m2 of material supplied, divided into eight different products: Fenice, Farnese, Antica Basaltina, Corso Tris, Corso 15, Pietrella, Rollbox, Tassello. Different models and different colours that have been masterfully laid to make the settings of this park even more special. The various models of our Betonella® line have fitted well into the many sets into which Cinecittà World is divided, enhancing the different styles present inside it.

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