Coppo Vecchio Chiaro


Finish wrinkled
 45 / 14-18 cm
Weight approx. 1,85 kg
Requirement approx. 30 pcs/sqm
Lateral wheelbase 18,5 cm
Minimum slope 30 %
Packaging 288 pcs (pallet)


Coppo Vecchio Chiaro responds perfectly to the formal, visual and tactile characteristics of antique roof tiles, thanks to the ageing treatment obtained by using engobes made from environmentally friendly natural clays, which produces a result that is unalterable over time.
It is available in red or light colours, and the combination with the corresponding antique channel tile perfectly completes the laying and aesthetic result.
The treated surface, resistant to atmospheric agents, takes on a rough appearance that gives the product the charm of the passage of time.
It is particularly suitable for completing restoration or integration work that requires respect for the historical and urban context.