Clay roof tiles

Cotto roof tiles combine the technology and quality of the product with the beauty of tradition and the naturalness of the raw material, making the roof breathable. The entire range, obtained through a careful selection of clays, a guarantee of quality, satisfies the different construction needs and adapts perfectly to the various architectural styles. The result is a work destined to last over time, maintaining its performance and charm unchanged, making your roof always up-to-date.

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Clay rooftops: quality and characteristics of roof tiles

Treatment processes for roof tiles

Tegolaia has patented refined processes for treating the surface of the roof tiles and finishing elements, to obtain a range of products that satisfy, in terms of appearance and technical content, all aesthetic and environmental requirements.

Selection of clays

Tegolaia roof tiles come from the selection and mixing of the exceptional surface clays of the Veneto plain; they are harvested with respect for the environment, as all the soil is restored to cultivation.

World-class resistance

The “45 cm Red Roof Tile” was subjected to the test to determine its resistance to frost (500 FROST / DEFROST CYCLES) according to the single European method E, Ref. 2-c): at the end of the 500 thermal cycles, the 6 tiles tested were perfectly intact and free from defects.

Concrete roofing tiles guarantee strength and durability

Clay roof tiles for durable and breathable roofs

The Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia has been manufacturing one of the most important products in the construction of a building for almost two centuries: the roof tile, the first defence against the attack of atmospheric agents. From Filippo Brunelleschi to Renzo Piano, from the cupola of S. Maria del Fiore to the Centre Pompidou, the choice of materials has always been fundamental in preserving great works of architecture and any other civil construction over time.

Tegolaia roof tiles, obtained through the careful selection of clays, which play a decisive role in the quality of the product, are the expression of up-to-date technology in the sector and a range that satisfies the various roofing needs of new and old buildings. Derived from a computerised production process of shaping and firing, the roof tiles produced by the Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia undergo sophisticated statistical controls that verify the accuracy of the standards of size, waterproofing and mechanical resistance to bending. The result is a work destined to last over time.

Tegolaia’s ability to adapt its production to the various aesthetic, technical and architectural requirements depends on the Group’s continuous monitoring of the market, made even more effective by the internal organisation, the enhancement of every operational aspect and, therefore, the speed of response. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the company motto, shared by all those who work for the Group, is “QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE”.

Tips for the correct installation of roof tiles

The Tegolaia Industrial Group, which has always been attentive to developments in the materials and technologies used to create a correct and guaranteed roof, invites technicians, designers, building contractors, retailers of building materials and installation teams to refer to the UNI 9460:2008 standard for discontinuous roofs, entitled “Instructions for the design, execution and maintenance of roofs using clay or concrete tiles”.

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