Tegolaia Industrial Group

Italian leader in the production of clay and cement roof tiles and self-locking paving slabs for outdoor use.


The production

We produce tiles, pantiles and accessories to create elegant and sustainable roofs with a defensive role. Betonella® is the exclusive brand that identifies our outdoor paving, screeds and accessories for solutions that meet all construction and design requirements.

The research

We do not lose sight of the tradition that has brought us this far, but we are also committed to continuous research into innovative materials and solutions that contribute to improving the use and liveability of anthropized areas.

Customer services

As a corollary to our products, we pay close attention to customer service, offering expert advice, fast and attentive logistics and ever-present after-sales support.

The values

Everyone who works at Tegolaia, at any level, shares the sense of belonging to a serious company that pursues quality and reliability, and works with commitment and passion to contribute to its prosperity.

2 MLN+

Roofs made

2 MLN/sqm per year

Betonella® production capacity

15 MLN roof tiles per year

Roofs made

20 MLN+

Yearly turnover




Sales resources


We are at the end of the Second World War, and in the Treviso area there are two established brick factories that have been operating since the previous century; the heirs of the two entrepreneurial families, Giovanni Caberlotto and Alessandro Tognana, discovered a similarity of intent and began to develop a project for a new furnace that, instead of producing many different building materials, would specialise in a single type, roof tiles.

In 1959 Tegolaia was born, confirming the far-sightedness of the two young entrepreneurs and supported by the contemporary Italian economic miracle, it grew to become the Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia, Italian leader in the production of clay and cement roof tiles, in self-locking paving slabs for exteriors under the Betonella® brand and, finally, in innovative materials such as Edilstone® coatings and photocatalytic slabs.

Continuous innovation

We pay constant attention to innovation for a result of high quality and great performance. The ability to adapt production to different aesthetic, technical and architectural requirements is the result of continuous market monitoring, made even more effective by internal organisation and the enhancement of every operational aspect.

Our sales network is attentive to the needs of each individual customer. With 5 production sites in strategic locations and the quality of our services, we are able to guarantee widespread coverage and efficient logistics throughout the country.

We also work alongside designers, providing them with our know-how and experience.

Our certifications

Tegolaia guarantees the compliance of its products with the standards in force, respectively:

Concrete blocks UNI EN 1338
Slabs UNI EN 1339
Curbs UNI EN1340
Cement roof tiles UNI EN 490
Roof tiles UNI EN 1304
Tognana clay tiles UNI EN 1304

Certifications can be found in the Documentations section.