Concrete tiles

The Cement Tile is the perfect synthesis of beauty, strength and durability. The different models and the wide range of colours make it possible to meet various aesthetic, technical and architectural requirements. The robustness of concrete makes it perfect in particular environmental contexts, thanks to its high mechanical resistance to static and dynamic loads, and its frost resistance, guaranteeing excellent resistance and aesthetic performance.

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Features and benefits of a concrete tile

Tegolaia and the external environment

Concrete roof tiles from the Tegolaia Group show excellent resistance even in weather conditions highly affected by sea salt, humidity, frost and sunlight.

Tegolaia is aesthetic value

Tegolaia’s experience in design has resulted in tiles with a very high aesthetic value, suitable for all styles and available in a wide range of colours.

Tegolaia guarantees high performance

Concrete roof tiles are able to withstand extreme load tests and can withstand normal thermal and other expansion.

Tegolaia is speed of laying

Concrete tiles, with their obligatory interlocking channels, are easy to lay.

Tile and weather

Concrete tiles are practically immune to biological deterioration. They are not damaged by frost, temperature fluctuations, fire or UV radiation.

Concrete roofing tiles guarantee strength and durability

30 year warranty

Concrete tiles are delivered in pallets of 120 pieces, strapped every 5 pieces, 40 per row.

Views of the roof tile

Back of roof tile

COPPOGOLD SUPERCOPPO retro: back: stop tooth, hooking lugs, support pins, support ribs, anti-drop ribs and lateral interlocking profile

DOLOMITEN/2 back: without detent, hook lugs, support pins, support ribs, anti-drop ribs and side interlocking profile


The concrete tile has been designed in the profile of its intrados so that its installation is as easy as possible, both in terms of attachment and alignment. It has been designed with lugs that allow it to lie perfectly flat on inclined pitches. The tile is equipped with a stop tooth that allows the roof covering to be laid without the use of templates and/or battens.

Warnings When laying the tiles, the tile support ribs must be in contact with the flat parts of the previous coupling tile, while the coupling lugs must rest on the pitch (the tiles must not be mobile in the coupling, nor must they have a gap).

What to avoid Under no circumstances should all tiles be laid with mortar blocking, both because it is not necessary and because technically it is necessary to give the laid covering the possibility to expand or contract according to seasonal temperature changes.

Criteria to be met The overlap is essential and is linked to the slope of the pitches (see table). In any case, we recommend a minimum overlap of 7 cm and a maximum of 10 cm, in order to avoid the catch holding the tile up along the lateral overlap channel.

Overlapping slope and laying spacing for concrete roof tiles

For almost two centuries, the Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia has been successfully covering all types of construction: an unparalleled experience in Italy. Cement tiles are the result of this long experience. They are, in fact, a synthesis of beauty, strength and extraordinary durability. Tegolaia’s ability to adapt its production to the various aesthetic, technical and architectural requirements depends on the Group’s continuous monitoring of the market, which is made even more effective by its internal organisation, the enhancement of every operational aspect and, therefore, the speed of response. It is no coincidence then, that the company motto, shared by all those who work for the Group, is: “QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE”.

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