Dolomiten Quarzt


Dimensions 42 x 33 h 2,3 cm
Weight approx. 4,80 kg
Requirement approx. 10 pcs/sqm
Packaging 5 / 40 (strapped) / 120 (pallet) pcs
Strip pitch variable


Dolomiten/2 with quartz surface is usually used in mountain buildings, as its grit-blasted finish acts as a brake on snow slippage, thanks to the natural slate used in the mix. Due to its particular profile and the colours in which it is offered, it is suitable both for the roofing of modern buildings and historical buildings in mountain areas.
The absence of a stop tooth allows overlaps of more than 10 cm, and allows it to be used on slatted roofs with wooden roof frames, typical of Alpine areas.
Its slightly pronounced wave makes it possible to increase the double flat drainage surface, ensuring rapid evacuation of rainwater.
The quartz finish is available in Clay, Slate Grey and Dark Brown.

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