Supercoppo painted mix


Dimensions 42 x 33 h 4,2 cm
Weight approx. 4,65 kg
Requirement approx. 10 pcs/sqm
Packaging 5 / 40 (strapped) / 120 (pallet) pcs
Strip pitch 32,5 – 33 cm



Supercoppo® represents the synthesis of the Tegolaia Group’s experience. This tile combines the beauty of old-fashioned baked clay roofing tiles with the safety and strength of cement tiles.
Supercoppo Impasto Verniciato is pigmented in the mass and painted on the surface. With the naturalness of its shape and the warm tones of its colours, it fits perfectly into the styles and traditions of the different regions of Italy. It is available in the colours Clay, Dark Brown Black, Dove, Grey and Ruby.
The tile in the Grey and Dove grey version meets the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for sustainable buildings: Solar Reflection Index (SRI) ≥29.

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