Dimensions 42 x 33 h 4,2 cm
Weight approx. 4,75 kg
Requirement approx. 10 pcs/sqm
Packaging 5 / 40 (strapped) / 120 (pallet) pcs
Strip pitch 32,5 – 33 cm



CoppoGold®, a matt ceramic tile, is produced with a surface protection obtained with a second layer of mortar with a high concentration of cement and pigment, protected by a special matt acrylic paint.
The different colours in which it is available are the result of constant research and innovation in the range. It is perfect for every landscape context, urban and rural, recalling colours such as red, orange, white and moss green, already present in nature in the seasons from spring to autumn.
It integrates perfectly into the restoration of historical contexts, but can also be used in any situation where elegance and respect for the Italian architectural tradition are important, allowing even the most refined tastes to be met.
the most refined tastes.

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