Coppo Alpino


Finish smooth, striped, wrinkled
 45 / 14,5-18,5 cm
Weight approx. 2,20 kg
Requirement approx. 28-30 pcs/sqm
Lateral wheelbase 19 cm
Minimum slope 30%
Packaging 288 pcs (pallet)



To respond even better to the needs of an ever-changing market, the Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia has designed the new Coppo Alpino, with even greater resistance than other roof tiles thanks to its thickness, confirmed by the 30-year guarantee. Coppo Alpino is ideal for areas with high temperature ranges, as it is not afraid of ice, snow or particularly harsh climates.
It is available in the smooth and ribbed version for the colours Red and Light and for the wrinkled version the colour is Old Red.

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